Policy of protection personal data

Updated: 06/2018

FAIR PLACE is committed to ensuring that the collection and processing of personal information are carried out in accordance with the law n°78-17 of 6 January 1978 relative to Computing, Files and Freedoms amended in 2004.

www.fairplace.fr is the subject of a declaration with the CNIL under the number: 2157371 v 0

In application of this law related to computing, files and freedoms, the user is informed of our need to collect certain information in order to operate the service. When a User Owner registers with the Platform and when a Traveller books a villa in the collection, a certain amount of personal information is requested (last name, first name, postal address, email address…).

In the absence of this data the service cannot be performed.

The methods of collection, processing and use of this data are presented below in application of the General Data Protection Regulation for European citizens.

The information collected is stored for the time required to resolve any dispute between the Owner and the Traveller as a result of booking a Villa in the FAIR PLACE Collection.

The information collected is intended for the processing of the request for a seasonal rental by Travellers and if necessary for claims that are pursuant to this rental.

The information collected from the Owners is stored for the entire duration for which the Owner wishes to maintain its FAIR PLACE account and the time required to handle any claim that results from the rental of their property by a FAIR PLACE Traveller.

The main purpose of this information is to establish an Owner Account, to process requests for seasonal rentals and for the payment of rent (as mentioned below personal financial information, credit card number or bank account information are only collected by our subcontractor company STRIPE).

The User may exercise his or her right to oppose, access, modify, correct, update and delete personal data by sending a letter or an e-mail, with a double-sided copy of a form of official identification, to the headquarters of the company FAIR PLACE whose address is given below;


300 Chemin de la Suquette


Email: contact@fairplace.fr

Presentation of the FAIR PLACE platform/ site:

FAIR Place is a space that allows Travellers to find luxury Villas or Apartments located on the Côte d'Azur that have been put up for rent by their owners.

This space allows FAIR PLACE owners to place an advertisement for the rental of a real estate property that belongs to them.

This Privacy Policy applies to the Website and forthcoming mobile applications of FAIR PLACE in the European Economic Area.

The FAIR PLACE platform is accessible to persons over the age of 18.

The information that we collect:

You may be prompted to provide us with information at different times. In particular, this is information that can identify you: your first name and last name, your phone number, your date of birth, your nationality and your postal and/or electronic addresses.

The information collected for the payment of bookings is performed by the company STRIPE.

In the framework of the payment of the bookings made by the Traveller a certain amount of banking information is solicited.

This information is under the care of the company STRIPE.

The policy of the company STRIPE regarding personal data is accessible through the link below:

- https://stripe.com/fr/privacy#translation

FAIR PLACE does not collect any banking or financial data.

* * *

Use of the FAIR PLACE Platform cannot currently take place through social media; therefore no privacy policy in connection with social media is presented.

The handling of your personal information by our company:

Information that can identify you, entered by you for the use of the FAIR PLACE Platform is collected, processed, stored and used by the members of our team.

Currently our partners who may have access to your personal data are:

- the STRIPE Internet site whose duty is to carry out the payment of the services you have requested;

- the TOKIDEV company, our hosting provider, which can also intervene to ensure the security of our Platform and check compliance with the terms and conditions of use.

Our hosting provider will have access to your personal information to the extent necessary to carry out its duties, but it may not use this data for any other purpose.

Our teams can be led, among other things, to respond to your requests for information or provide tools and services on the site.

At no time does the company FAIR PLACE sell or give away your personal data (with the exception of its partners mentioned above for the performance of the requested services).

By supplying your personal information on our Platform, you accept its collection, transfer, storage and/or processing as defined by these conditions.

When you communicate with travellers or owners through the intermediary of our platform, the various exchanges will be accessible by our team and are covered by this policy on data processing.

Some of the information entered by you, such as comments, are public and can be read by any person who accesses our Platform.

Do not enter any information that you wish to keep confidential.

FAIR PLACE cannot be held responsible for information disclosed by you and used by third parties.

Use of your personal data:

The main objective of the use of your personal data is to provide you with service delivery that best responds to your expectations.

Your personal information is used to:

- perform the services offered on the Internet site in relation to your request (rental or lease, Concierge service),

- reassure us as to the accuracy of your identity,

- put owners and travellers in contact with one another,

- keep in touch with you in the context of the services requested, a complaint submitted by a user that concerns you or the update of our systems,

- improve the services and our platform,

- provide information and statistics in order to improve the experience of Travellers and the visibility of Owner advertisements,

- detect and prevent any illegal activity that is not in compliance with the general conditions of use of our platform.

Your personal information may also be disclosed to third parties to enforce our policies, and to defend and protect the rights of users, owners and travellers, or to ensure respect for property ownership and the security of the platform. The information may also be disclosed to third parties in the interests of national security or for the purposes of upholding the Law.

Your personal information may also be used in the context of a dispute that arises from the use of our platform, the rental of a villa, a dispute with an owner or a traveller and for the purposes of protecting our rights and interests.

Finally, we should inform you that your personal information may also be made known to third parties under the following circumstances:

- publication by you of a presentation film of the villa or that presents you in your capacity as traveller or owner,

- when you leave a comment on our platform,

- when you submit a request for information or for rental to an owner,

- when you call upon the concierge services of the platform; in this case your personal information such as your name, first name, your nationality, your date of birth and your address may be disclosed to our partners for the performance of their duties,

- to any national authority and in particular the competent tax services that are authorised to collect taxes of any nature.

In the case of the sale of our company your information and personal data will be transmitted along with all of the transferred assets.

Potential buyers will be able to take knowledge of this data and information within the framework of the sale.

The buyers shall remain subject to this privacy policy.

If the assets of the company are sold separately, our data base will be the subject of an independent sale.

In the framework of negotiations with potential advertisers or investors, some information may be disclosed to allow for better efficiency of the proposed advertising services.

Protection of your personal data:

We make every effort to best secure your personal information; however, we cannot cover all eventualities, and the world of the Internet is not secure.

Some people may illegally intercept your data even when we have implemented all means to protect it.

It is important that you are aware that we cannot foresee such attacks in advance.

FAIR PLACE cannot be held responsible for the acts of such ill-intentioned individuals.

To best ensure the safety of your account, it is up to each User to close their session after use, to not divulge their password or any access information to anyone unless absolutely necessary, to use a password that is different to those commonly used and in general to take every action to ensure a secure connection.

International transfer of data

No international transfer of your data is performed by FAIR PLACE.


FAIR PLACE does not use COOKIES.


To improve the quality of the services on offer, FAIR PLACE may ask you to take part in a survey.

We can use these surveys to obtain information about our users. Form time to time, we ask our users for their comments in order to evaluate the eventual features and services. The decision to respond to a survey is entirely up to you. We use the information obtained through surveys to improve our services.

The information gathered in the framework of a survey is stored in our care only for the time required for the purposes of the survey.

Telephone calls:

Telephone calls placed to the company FAIR PLACE are not recorded.

Such recordings are also governed by this Privacy Policy and we store this information in the same manner as we store the other data.

External links:

The FAIR PLACE platform does not provide any links to other internet sites.

If you notice the presence of a link directing you towards other internet sites, please let us know by sending an email to the following address:


If one part of the Site directs you towards other Internet sites, they are not subject to this Privacy Policy. We recommend that you study the privacy statements published on these other sites to understand their procedures for collecting, using and divulging personal information.

Updating your personal information:

You have the possibility to change or update your personal information directly through your account, accessible on the FAIR PLACE platform, by sending a letter to our headquarters (address above) or by email.

For all of these requests and those concerning the use, management, processing and storage of your personal data, please send an e-mail to:


Data Protection Officer


Or send a letter to our headquarters (address above).

A two-sided copy of an official form of identification will need to be attached to any request to change your personal data. It is paramount that we can check your identity before processing any request.

For any other information please refer to our general terms and conditions of use. You can also contact our services directly.